The Basement Gallery
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PURCHASING ART at The Basement Galleryhedwig

We have an inventory of our current artists as well as artist from the past exhibitions. These works are available. Please don't hesitate to ask about prices & availability or any works that spark your interest whether the artist is showing this month or you want to see a portfolio of works by any artist.

You see it and want to know more!
Whether you want more information on a certain artist or images regarding a certain artwork, please contact us.
Just email us the following information:
1. Your full name
2. Street address including city, state, zip code
3. Phone number along with an email address
4. Artist/artwork you're interested in

If the work is available:
You will get a quote that will including shipping.

If the work you are interested in has already sold:

We then send you images and prices of what is still available by that artist.

When You Are Ready to Purchase:

We accept cash, check, credit, debit, Paypal and also have Flexible Payment Plans available to you for your convenience. Credit cards and debit cards can be accepted in store or over the phone and Paypal to: on the internet. To top it off, we can ship art to just about any place and get it to you fast. Works can be placed on hold for a two week time frame and if someone else is interested in purchasing the same piece, we then contact you and ask if you still want the work, if yes the work is yours to buy or if no, the hold ends at that time.

We can ship to almost any place. There are many variables to shipping costs not limited to location, dimensions and weight, so we can quote you a price for shipping before the final purchase is made. All artwork is shipped after payment has been received in full.

Email: or
Phone: 865.437.9613
The Basement Gallery is open for a private viewing anytime by advance appointments.