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14 Artists Showing in the January 2007 National Juried Group Exhibition:                     
Chase Adams                              Christopher MacDonald
Erin Anfinson                              Annabelle Meacham
Melissa Baker                              Bruce New
Kristal Boyers                              Andee Rudloff
Jennifer Brickey                           Jason Whitaker
Sandra Burke                               Mandy Vorenberg
Deborah Campbell                       Rod Whyte

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Alter    verb.  
        To change or make different; modify; to adjust or become different; to change or cause change in character or composition,
         typically in a comparatively small, but significant way.
Scape   noun.
A scene; a view. Often used in combination: seascape, mindscape, moonscape. Combining forms. Denoting a specified type of scene.

ENTRY DETAILS: The Basement Gallery is asking artists to submit work samples and/or proposals for work to fit the exhibition title "Alterscape." This C
all For Entries will be controlled more by the artist's interpretation of what they think or feel the exhibition title means to them specifically, with no over produced explanation and no strict guidelines- a more open ended set of parameters, so that the show will come together more organically than structured. An exhibition that is more "organic" in its creation and more receptive to artists extending the boundaries of what this exhibition could become- where the artists have a title and the work they submit will spin out of what one makes of it. Artists should apply whether they have or may not have a current body of work that seems to fit "Alterscape." You are encouraged to stray from your normal "safe zone" and submit a proposal of a new idea that may fit your interpretation of the theme.
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